The East Falls House Project

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The Hohenadels were 19th century East Falls beer barons famous for their German-style lager beer. Their mansion on Indian Queen Lane was once a grand estate in a bustling mill town, but today this lovely Italianate-style villa is a shell of its former self.

The old beauty may have been demo’d to make way for soul-less condos, but in February 2014 a wildly optimistic couple stepped forward to save Hohenadel House with a plan so crazy it just might work:  a Federal loan for a complete restoration in six months. While living in the third floor apartment with three kids, two dogs and one bathroom!

Follow Hohenadel House’s dramatic transformation from one of the earliest mansions in East Falls to a livable home for a modern family of five.

Hohenadel House has seen East Falls through the Industrial Revolution, Civil War, Prohibition, World Wars.  Irish immigration, workers’ strikes, civil rights. Great floods, fires and gales.

Over the years, the house has been added to and taken from. It’s been a doctor’s office, a tenement, an eyesore of neglect. Yet like the city of East Falls itself, she’s a scrappy old girl with plenty of life in her:  Brimming with hidden secrets,  charming little surprises at every turn.

No dwelling  earns the title “East Falls House” better, we think.

Through its many owners, neighbors and caretakers, this proud residence provides unique insights into our community. Old stories, rumors and intrigue. New sources of pride, humor and controversy.  And on top of everything — the current drama of a complete home reconstruction!

Next time you stroll our winding streets, stop for a moment and try to imagine those early days of East Falls:  When the lots along what came to be Indian Queen Lane were first parceled from the Lenni Lenape, and the roar of the wild, undammed Schuylkill could be heard for miles around…

Let the characters and chronicles from these days gone by enrich our enjoyment of East Falls today.  And may our efforts generate community interest and appreciation for this important restoration of an historic neighborhood gem.

In their own words…

(from Felicite’s slideshow to the East Falls Community Council)

“Felicite Moorman and Family are seeking community support for the renovation and restoration of one of East Falls Premier Historic Properties. Already present and dedicated to East Falls via BuLogics’ establishment in the Mason Building at Ridge and Midvale, Felicite is excited to move her family of five to the area as well.

We are aware of the possibilities.
No risk is ever guaranteed success.
We could fail.
But every effort we put forth is an improvement for the next hopeful romantic.”

Join the adventure as Hohenadel House becomes… a home!

(more from Felicite here)

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