Hohenadel Breweriana — How Much is it Worth?

“Breweriana” is how collectors of beer stuff like to refer to the “collectible historical Brewery advertising” they seek, which comes in many forms: trays, coasters, taps, signs — just about any common item you can think of, a beer company has likely thought to slap its name on it. 

If you scan breweriana auctions today, you’ll come across lots of interesting Hohenadel collectibles from home renovations here in Philadelphia, including things like 40 sheets of unrolled Hohenadel beer labels in an old garage and a pile of metal “cone top” beer cans from the 40’s.

So how does the Hohenadel brand name fare with collectors? According to OldBreweries.com:

“Items from breweries of this age tend to be more common and less valuable than some breweries. Early items can still be valuable as can rarer types of items…  John Hohenadel Brewery Inc. was in an active brewing city. Philadelphia, PA was listed as having 455 breweries, which is quite a few. Sometimes a large number of breweries can lead to an active collecting community that will be willing to pay more for breweriana items than other collectors.”

Want your own piece of Hohenadel beer history? Here’s a round-up of the kinda collectibles and reproductions you’re likely to find on sites like ebay, taverntrove, & vintagebeercollectibles:

cool metal relic itd have been nice to find at house
Bottle opener from the 40′s $7 – $15





old beer bottles twenty bucks for two ebay
Cone-topped quart-sized metal beer can, pre-WWII (rusty = $20 for two) (good condition with cap = $200+ for one) (mint condition: $1400!!)





cardinals smoking dog
Vintage ale tray $40 – $75









man of war
Posters New: $7 – $10 Prints New: $25 – $200 (pre-WWII originals in good condition $300+)




john l sullivan
Tin signs New: $15 – $20 Originals: $250+









health beer mug
Hohen-Adel “Health Beer” stein, 1916 $120 – $250+








Coasters $7 – $20 (depending on age, condition & type of beer marketed)








beer truck
1936 Studebaker beer truck print $12 – $15





beer tap 2
1951 beer tap $40 – $55









beer tap
1940’s tap knob $100 – $200










The wooden sign with the cute beer guy and his frosty mug — the one at the top of this page? He’s called “The Brewmaster” and is a real favorite with collectors. A popular sign from the early 40’s, if you find one in good condition, it’s worth about a hundred bucks. Mint, a hundred and fifty.

There’s no doubt a whole lotta Hohenadel boxed away in the attics, closets & basements of East Falls, perhaps some of it will make its away to local garage sales & flea markets this season.

Keep your eyes peeled…



4 thoughts on “Hohenadel Breweriana — How Much is it Worth?

  1. My grandfather was John F Hohenadel of Chicago. His uncle owned the Philadelphia brewery. I have some of the breweriana from the Phil location, but am searching for a vintage tin sign appropriate for a rec room bar. Can you point me to some good sources?

    Thank you

  2. I gave a grape crate with Hohenadel Beer printed on the inside of the crate. I can’t seem to find another online. Can you help my with it’s value and history?

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