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Major changes since we last checked in on Hohenadel. Felicite and Sean have taken over the renovating duties since the departure of Mike Labetti from the project earlier this year.  Seems the bank’s schedule for completing the project and Mike’s didn’t quite jibe.  

With the days getting shorter and cooler, Sean’s first focus has been the windows, all 56 of them (!). Luckily the sturdy old world design of these beauties makes them (relatively) easy to rebuild. The problem is finding the time (we mentioned there’s 56, right?)

Between his full time job at Comcast and cooking meals for the family, it’s been a stretch but Sean’s been game. Many of the pull chains need to be repaired (and ones that have been jerry-rigged with rope by previous owners need to be replaced). Most importantly, many panes of glass are in need of caulking and frames require stripping, priming, and repainting (the paint from the contractors is already chipping).

So yeah, Sean’s been busy. He’s been working out of a workshop on the second floor of the carriage house, which, by the way, is a stunning space of old stone and unusual hip framing! It’s going to be a beauty when he’s finished.

He’s also planning to add insulation to the roof and hopes to find time to patch up stucco that’s already cracked after only a few months! Hard to find good help, but Sean and Felicite have been meeting with local contractors to help them with the final push. Here’s to solid windows (and a cozy house) by winter!

Now for some good news, Soleil graduated from high school and is headed to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts next semester. Way to go Soleil!

Lily has been mixing it up on the soccer field in the EF Sports Association. She recently got a little shaken up in a game but insisted on returning to the field. So she’s tough and cute. Wow, double threat!

Finn has shown talent with a camera and we’re hoping to get him out in the neighborhood soon. Perhaps we’ve got our first EFL beat reporter?

And Felicite? she isn’t exactly kicking her feet up. She’s keeping Bulogics moving forward and settling into the company’s new 5,000 square foot space. Oh and they happen to have won an award for “Technological Excellence of the Year” from the Greater Philly Chamber of Commerce. Congratulations Felicite (and Ryan)!

Stay tuned for more exciting Hohenadel updates and some cool/very silly photos from this year’s Halloween party. These guys are serious about their Halloween costumes!

One thought on “DIY on IQL

  1. I wish I had known about this sooner! I live next to FX Duffy in EF. I am very handy, have tools, and just got a cordless screw driver and impact driver for christmas that I have been waiting use. I’m also an HVAC engineer. If you need any help on night/weekends with this project, please let me know. I am more than willing to help in exchange for the renovation knowledge and networking experiences.

    I just started in real estate investment, I own a rental in Atlanta GA. But I want more! And Local! So I have chosen East Falls as my market…. I’m rambling.

    Let me know if you all need help.

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