Hohenadel’s Hardwood: BEFORE and AFTER Floor Refinishing pics

So Mike and his team were busy little bees this past Holiday weekend

While Felicte and crew went road trippin down I-95, a small army of floor refinishers tackled Hohenadel’s House’s poor abused hardwood floors in the steamy heat of Philadelphia in July. 

Once the first story was cleared out and sanded,  we sneaked in for some “Before” pics and then waited for Sean’s OK last night to grab the “After”s before they move furniture in and stuff.  As soon as the light was good this morning, we ran over and OMG OMG OMG OMG!!

You really have to see the place to fully appreciate the impact these “new” floors make.

Just. Whoa.


sanded -- wood detail closeup line


Walking in was like stepping back in time — all the details of the house seem to pop out now that the floors are smooth & shiny. The place feels a hundred years older, but in a good way. A solid, stately historic way. And that was just peering down the main hall through the front door.

The finished wood shone rich & golden, the whole first story awash with new warmth and brightness. Turning the corner from the foyer, the fireplace bricks glowed richer, redder. Even the crew working here appeared flushed as they ran towards us….

Wait, what?  WE’RE ON WET POLYURETHANE?  D’oh!


sanded -- dude on stairs is alarmed ha text cropped


Thankfully, Ryan was there keeping an eye on Stout & Novi (first week in the newly-fenced yard, woot!), and he helped us get the shots we needed without freaking out any more contractors…

So the upshot: the place looks great. See for yourself, below. And there’s a whole gallery at Facebook if you go that way….


collage living room text


Ballroom into conservatory text


living room macro text


collage living room with detail text


collage front hall and ballroom view text





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